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Yet Mongoose was, and is, nowhere near Thors level of power. Afterward, Thor returns back to his form as the God of Thunder. In The Mighty Thor #327, the god Tyr, displeased with the way Odin has been running Asgard, decides its time for someone else to rule. However he does realizes that the tapestry of the Fates was rigged to move in an endless cycle. It cannot be hurt or stopped by conventional means and his mere movements are enough to cause tidal waves and earthquakes -- he can cast illusions, is incredibly intelligent, and is immortal. So here are RK Thor feats: Feat #1 RK Thor can't escape death on his own, he needs to summon the spirit of Odin to take him away from. Constantly trying to find ways to defeat Thor, the God of Evil resorted to all manner of tricks. Born in Sparta, Kratos was a respected soldier and General, up until he lost his wife and daughter when he killed them, albeit by accident, under Ares' command, earning him the nickname The Ghost of Sparta, after which he renounced his service to the war god, eventually killing him and later on ascending to Godhood before exacting revenge . By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. Thus what RK Thor accomplished was to destroy a parasitic tree, that at the time fed on the lives of those nine realms. He has certain feats people try to wank to multiversal (using lightning to damage Amatsu Mikaboshi, briefly knocking out the Phoenix Force, etc.) The World Serpent, or Jormungand, is the son of Loki and the sorceress Angerboda. It's probably something akin to what happened in Mark Waid's History of the Marvel Universe, where Galactus and Franklin sited at the birth of a new creation and the last of the previous ones. Lies force-fed, comics read, Thor wank dead! ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Galactus, unsurprised, decides to go to war with Asgard. As life throughout the universe dies, the Tree of Life also dies. Though Thor gets top billing when it comes to godly superheroes in the Marvel Universe, hes hardly the only divine champion on the planet. If you followed the ancient Greek ways then in the beginning there was only Chaos. Note the Forgotten One has lifted the Earth and he says Thor is at least as powerful as him. By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. In Immortal She-hulk's oneshot, Al Ewing confirms that the blow delt by Thor to Galactus is Multiversal in destructive capabilities. Among the heroes sent to Olympus is Thor. The thunder god immediately throws his hammer at the creature, but its merely a projection. Thor didn't break down any dimension. 13 KNOCKED GALACTUS OVER And God saw that the light was good. He broke the Surfer's board and sent him flying with a powerful telekinetic blast. Funny enough Loki himself had already theorized that Those Who Sit Above In Shadow, were actually created through the worship of the Asgardians themselves. The Phoenix is the embodiment of all psychic energy from the past, present, and future -- it's a literal god, capable of eating worlds in seconds and anyone possessed by the Phoenix Force is, by all mortal standards, divine. Yggdrasil is not a multiverse. RK Thor can't escape death on his own, he needs to summon the spirit of Odin to take him away from Hel., RK Thor himself claims that Those Who Sit Above In Shadow were simply a race of celestial beings that fed on the cycle of Ragnarok. Which obviously was not the case. Stark Odinson, son of Howard Odin, combines the powers and might of Thor with the sharp intellect of Tony Stark. Instead he destroys that which apparently fed their power., Press J to jump to the feed. The explosion knocks out Thor and goes so far as to throw Galactus, one of the mightiest beings in the Marvel Universe, off-balance. Their battle raged on for some time, leading them to an uninhabited planet. It isn't even a universe. After getting wind of whats happening, Thor steps in -- though hes actually in a weakened state at the time the events are unfolding. Before they part ways, Thor and Hercules, realizing they need to close the gateway, each deliver a punch to the portal, their blows impacting upon part of the universe itself, closing the rift. Thor: Love & Thunder hit theaters July 7, which introduces Jane Foster as Thor to the MCU. One of their weapons is a bunch of wraparound rockets, made of adamantium, which ensnare Thor like snaking cables. A member of the Celestial race, a group of planet-sized aliens known for exploding worlds with the flick of a finger, Exitar is often summoned by Arishem the Judge (another Celestial), when the decision has been made that a planet needs to be purified, which involves blowing up the world. So Thor and Loki go gallivanting on Earth, causing all sorts of mischief. It's not multiversal because there is no proof it is. Which again proves just how powerful he was. The attack is so phenomenal that Exitr, the most power Celestial, is staggered. The Mongoose is one of Thors more lackluster villains. After some fighting and debate on who should wield the hammer, Odin designed a new one for Beta Ray Bill and named it Stormbreaker. With strength beyond measure, just his name is enough to cause most civilizations to cower. Each culture has its own lavish story about how the world came to be and how their god(s) were the makers of everything. Unable to sit back any longer, Beta Ray Bill enters the fight. Goes double for the depictions of Yggdrasil. Using his telepathic abilities, Silver Surfer was once able to alter Galactus' perception and deceived his former master with an illusion. However, when it was worshipped by a magician named Feron, it took the form of the Phoenix from his daydreams. Moondragon is known as one of the most powerful psychics in the universe. Whenever this happens, Thor is forced to battle the armor, and each time he barely survives. RK Thor himself claims that Those Who Sit Above In Shadow were simply a race of celestial beings that fed on the cycle of Ragnarok. Once there was even a kind of map given about it. I'll entertain your stupidity no longer. He has Lucifer below Darkseid too. RK Thor can't escape death on his own, he needs to summon the spirit of Odin to take him away from Hel. Thor is immediately bombarded with the force of a neutron star, the gravity of which is 200 billion times that of Earth! What are some noteworthy feats that Thor has done in the comics? What past are you talking about? The biggest superhero rivalry in all of Marvel Comics is unequivocally Thor versus the Hulk. [/QUOTE. Many Thor variants exist in Marvel Comics, including powerful versions from across the multiverse. In seeking answers, he heads to Odins chamber where he suddenly witnesses the All-Father locked in an intense game of chess with the powerful demon Dormammu. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. A Multiverse is a hypothetical set of infinite or finite possible universes that together can comprise anything from a comparatively simple collection of parallel 4-dimensional universal space-time continuums, to the 11-dimensional multiversal structure our reality is assumed to be in some theories, or sometimes even higher levels of reality. Among the strongest and most dangerous foes Thor has ever faced is the Destroyer armor. Kevd4wg. Still at the end of the day the Ten Realms are not ten universes, they aren't even ten different dimensions. Much like now during the Black Winter event we see that the Silver Surfer kept five special planets/worlds from Galactus. I never really saw him being wanked alot. A character so abstract, and awe inspiring, that you cannot possibly determine his limits. At this point, Hulk is nearly stronger than ever in his savage mode. Dr. Eric Solvang also explains to Tony Stark what . Still we can see the several lands that make up Asgard. Kinda like a self fulfilling wish, where they made Those Who Sit Above In Shadow become real. However, in The Mighty Thor #309, the God of Thunder proves more than up for the task. Now obviously many people read celestial beings and immediately thought to themselves CELESTIALS! In The Mighty Thor series from 2011, a giant geyser of power has erupted from Yggdrasil, the World Tree. Here are the top ten reasons Silver Surfer is the most powerful Marvel character. The nine realms to which Yggdrasil is linked to refers to nine special worlds/planets. Michael Giacchino To Compose Thor Love And Thunder, Thor Love And Thunder Toys Reveal New Costumes And More, The 10 Darkest & Grittiest Crime Movies of All Time, Ranked by IMDb Score, Jack Nicholson's 10 Best Movies, Ranked by Rotten Tomatoes. The Black Winter is a cosmic entity that fulfils a similar purpose to Galactus on a far larger scale - rather than simply devouring planets, it consumes entire universes. This process takes no more than a few hours and we'll Even though Thor and Hercules are friends, the two are also staunch rivals. He did nothing universal, less alone multiversal. Galactus granted Thor with the power cosmic, a source of ultimate and unlimited power that both Galactus and his Herald wields. Thor Odinson, as far as Marvel Comics is concerned, is the original. This is just bizarre to me. Still, Thor managed to crack the Celestials skull, something no mortal has accomplished. but he's always been firmly planetary. Jane would then assume the mantle of Thor and join the Avengers, saving people throughout the galaxy. At one point in the comics, Thor was chosen as the next Herald of Galactus. Beta, with Stormbreaker, wields the power of Thor and often helps or steps in for the God of Thunder. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. And unlike what some have made it seem, what he did was simply open a path to where the kingdom of Asgard lies. Outside of Collider, Zachary also writes comic books, novels, screenplays, and more. The embodiment of the Sky was named Ouranos (people know it better as Uranus). We see that by the huge crack of apparent empty darkness that hid within. He even says: "The Black Winter killed the universe before ours, Thor". When the criminals come out of their ship, they do so with jetpacks on their backs and all manner of offensive weaponry. The MCU may have many believing Thanos to be the most powerful Marvel character, but here are 10 reasons why Silver Surfer deserves that title. But going back to RK Thor. On the other hand, Cyclops wants Hope to be possessed by the Phoenix, as he sees it as a chance for mutants to prosper. And for a time there was only Chaos and Gaia. He found his love of writing and love of comics at a young age, making it his passion ever since. You can see that Asgard is even given a scale of size. One is the God of Thunder and son of Odin, the other is a gamma-irradiated rage monster that gets stronger the madder he gets. Thor Thor's most powerful 'Strike Feat' to date : Multiversal lvl #1 lazarus4tempest In Immortal She-hulk's oneshot, Al Ewing confirms that the blow delt by Thor to Galactus is. And from that light he created the firmament, the stars, the Earth, and everything from highest to lowest., And so he does. Marvel and DC teamed up to create a comic mixing the two universes with a limited series. The Silver Surfer appears and instructs the Asgardians to hand it over. ~ THor fanboys, Yes, so every ghost u see in background of night sky means it merged with cosmos ? At least its a futile gesture for anyone other than Thor., More so the Silver Surfer himself points out that Asgard is simply part of Universe 616. Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. Silver Surfer then stood up, unfazed, and blasted Cable with a cosmic optical blast. This is the argument I seen for Ppl scaling RKT to boundless. Regardless From what we know that seed links to ten specific worlds in the universe. RELATED:Michael Giacchino To Compose Thor Love And Thunder. Lol Nice downplay, Yggdrasil has been confirmed multiple times to be an all encompassing, extra-dimensional Cosmic structure thats connected to all planes of reality. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. When Captain Americas god squad encounters the Phoenix, the cosmic bird easily incapacitates everyone until only Thor is left. While Old King Thor is technically from Earth-14412, his life force is tied to the main universe Thor of Eath-616. One of these combinations was Iron Man and Thor. Hulk (whom Thor obviously scales to) and Ironclad matched this feat in . Thor doesn't faces Those Who Sit Above In Shadow directly. Old King Thor is the new All-Father and ruler of Asgard. Having been an Avenger and also knowing many Asgardian warriors, the thunder god had many powerful allies to call for help. They are simply ten worlds. Now unleashed, its up to Thor to put the Destroyer back in the ground. Now Destroying the Loom is not the same as actually directly defeating Those Who Sit Above In Shadow. And Deadpool could be put into basically a pulp and still be somewhat conscious. He did nothing universal, less alone multiversal. And from his own light He created all the angels. So here Thor admits that not even he could change what had already been written by the Fates, and thus by Those Who Sit Above In Shadow. And wow, did someone really say that? Now these are not multiversal but a non holding back Thor is definitely way way beyond planet busting 1 Pokemonerd25 4 yr. ago comics and manga would probably be in better place if forums like this didn't exists. Worlds that possessed special energies that made them different from all the other worlds in the universe. The two have battled each other multiple times and in each instance their fights are typically paused or halted become of some contrived reason. The universe didn't crumble or was shattered or destroyed. Celestials wouldn't plee and they wouldn't simply sit and let Thor ruin their plans. Physically stronger than either Odin or Thor, its a miracle anyone has stopped him. As they tried to blast each other with their respective cosmic energies, a resulting chain reaction caused the planet to explode. Still the universe kept on going.,, The two characters are constantly paired by fans in the classic who would win debates. Still at the end of the day the Ten Realms are not ten universes, they aren't even ten different dimensions. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Come here to talk about fictional characters, fictional events, concepts, objects, etc. Necro King Thor, before Aaron started the Jobber Thor saga, made Galactus crumble, so RKT could do the same, and . And unlike what some have made it seem, what he did was simply open a path to where the kingdom of Asgard lies. He schemes to destroy the Avengers and all of Earths heroes, once and for all, but realizes he needs help. If you are a Christian or Catholic, then God created from his own light the Kingdom of Heaven. Poem/methaphorical speech is cool, but it needs direct explanations in comic. Thor, the God of Thunder, is unquestionably not only one of Earths mightiest heroes, but one of the most powerful forces for good throughout the whole universe. These many adventureshave helped establish Silver Surferas one of the most popular cosmic characters in comics today. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Its about time RKT getting a debunking thread. Did you even read the comics? Kinda like a self fulfilling wish, where they made Those Who Sit Above In Shadow become real. @sirdragonfly: Galactus is building sized though, hence building level. He has used his raw power to dispatch some of the most powerful enemies in the multiverse. Damn near everytime the yggdrasil is in danger or at risk its always referred to be power on a multiversal scale at work in the same comic, theres just way too much evidence against your asinine claims. Now cope. So here Thor admits that not even he could change what had already been written by the Fates, and thus by Those Who Sit Above In Shadow. Thor #288: Thor has knocked out the Forgotten One (Gilgamesh) with three blows. Over the years, Thor has demonstrated what it truly means to wield the power of a god. When it looks like the Asgardians might be winning, the shapeshifters unleash their ultimate Super-Skrull, one bred to destroy Thor and who carries Stormbreaker, Bills famous weapon. Carrying over from the previous issue, Avengers #100 featured an amnesiac Hercules getting captured by the god Ares. As if it had been undone. Today at CBR were looking at some of Thors most impressive and OP physical feats of strength! Grabbing Durok, Silver Surfer used his cosmic abilities to travel far into the future. TL;DR: RKT is not even universal let alone multiversal, don't let the wank mislead you. In Silver Surfer #4, Loki convinces the Silver Surfer that Thor is a danger that needs to be stopped. Once he found a witch who helped him, he was unable to pay her. A feat few Marvel heroes could hope to accomplish. I think the former might be the same guy again. Even now with the universal threat of the Black Winter, we see that Yggdrasil is dying. They are mistaking really that with DC's Ares and Darkseid. A literal godkiller, the Skrull demolishes the Warriors Three and Beta Ray Bill before Thor arrives. Upon landing, they maintain the contest -- only now the match has become so impressive that the two have generated enough pressure to knock the whole world out of orbit.

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